Androgynous Shoot

05th February 2018
I organised a shoot last Saturday with brilliant model Terri Murder who did the pinup shoot with me a few months ago, she mentioned that she had a new costume being made for an androgynous look for her burlesque stage show, a re-designed man’s suit covered with black jewels, so as soon as she said this I signed her up for a shoot.
We did two looks, both early 1900’s the first look with the suit and the second a cabaret look using a top hat and tails, the coat hired from West Yorkshire Playhouse Costumes Dept and top hat loaned from the makeup artist for the shoot, Ambellina.
For the androgynous look I wanted the model’s hair greased, parted and slicked back to give a masculine look, a slight problem was Terri’s hair has a green fringe, this concerned me but it didn’t phase Ambellina the hair and makeup artist who greased it back and applied a black mascara type product to match the rest of Terri’s hair.
It was a long hard day but well worth it as I came away with many excellent images which are very different.
My next shoot is again from the early 1900’s inspired by B movies of that era.