Vampira Photoshoot
10th April 2018
My next photoshoot is Friday 20th April and is one I have been planning and looking forward to for a while.
Vampira was the first ‘Glamour Ghoul’ famous in 1950’s movies and created 10 years before Morticia Addams she was based on Disney’s Wicked Queen.
The actress Maila Nurmi was born in America to a Swedish father and went on to star in several ‘B’ movies in the 1950's.
I have a beautiful professional model selected especially to fit the look of the original star, she will be wearing a long black velvet dress made to fit her, also on board is a top class hair and makeup artist.
Let's hope I can do justice to these atmospheric original images!

Androgynous Shoot
05th February 2018
I organised a shoot last Saturday with brilliant model Terri Murder who did the pinup shoot with me a few months ago, she mentioned that she had a new costume being made for an androgynous look for her burlesque stage show, a re-designed man’s suit covered with black jewels, so as soon as she said this I signed her up for a shoot.
We did two looks, both early 1900’s the first look with the suit and the second a cabaret look using a top hat and tails, the coat hired from West Yorkshire Playhouse Costumes Dept and top hat loaned from the makeup artist for the shoot, Ambellina.
For the androgynous look I wanted the model’s hair greased, parted and slicked back to give a masculine look, a slight problem was Terri’s hair has a green fringe, this concerned me but it didn’t phase Ambellina the hair and makeup artist who greased it back and applied a black mascara type product to match the rest of Terri’s hair.
It was a long hard day but well worth it as I came away with many excellent images which are very different.
My next shoot is again from the early 1900’s inspired by B movies of that era.
SATORIA Photoshoot
13th December 2017
Had a great photoshoot at Cleckheaton studio with York model Satoria who specialises in alternative and latex images, Satoria brought a beautiful dress on loan from designer Wyte Phantom.

04th November 2017
Had a brilliant photoshoot last week with the beautiful model Claudia Michon, whom I have worked with 3 times now, and the very creative hair and makeup artist Keli from Khaos Kreations.
The theme of the shoot was avant garde with two looks, the first a French 1920's look and the second a more futuristic look.
We got some great images and I will definitely be working with these 2 ladies in the future.

Photoshoot - 1967 The Summer of Love
17th September 2017
Very enjoyable photoshoot on the 28th September captured a few images For my project 'Fashion and Beauty Through the Ages' this time the theme is '1967 The Summer of Love' depicting model Cara Hopson in Hippy dress. First time I have used a smoke machine with filters, can be very effective when you get it right but a bit hit or miss as to where the smoke goes. Half the fun of these themed shoots is designing the theme and set, thanks to my mother in law Ivy for loan of the Buddha statue and candles, also my brother in law Gerard for loan of his precious guitar.

Cavewoman Photoshoot
29th July 2017
The intention of this photoshoot was to capture a few photographs to depict 'cavewoman' the first era of my project 'Fashion and Beauty Through the Ages'
When I first embarked on this project I wondered when female fashion really started and decided it must have been in the Stone Age, as prior to that there was only Adam an Eve and I don't think a fig leaf really counts as fashion!
Cavewomen were usually dressed in drab animal skins, but maybe one ambitious cave dweller decided to go one better and appeared wearing a fabulous sabre-toothed tiger skin...... female fashion had started !!!

Thanks to the very talented model Claudia Michon and Sabrina Tait an amazing hair and makeup artist.

Photoshoot -1960's Mod and Edwardian
17th July 2017
A big thank you to model and makeup artist the very talented Harriet Dakin who supplied most of the costumes including an original 1912 Edwardian dress and a range of original dresses from the 1960's. As you can see Harriet is the spitting image of Twiggy the 1960's icon.


Pinup / Hollywood Shoot
05th June 2017
I have set myself a project to produce 20 images with the title of 'Fashion and Beauty Throughout the Ages' everything from cavewoman to spacewoman. This will then form my application for an Associateship qualification with the Royal Photographic Society.
I have done 4 images already and completed another 3 yesterday from the Hollywood, Pinup and Rockabilly era.
Many thanks to Miss Terri Murder an amazing model who not only provided lots of costumes but did her own makeup to a very high standard, her posing skills were also phenomenal.


Miss Havisham Shoot
25th April 2017
Ever since school I have always been intrigued by the Miss Havisham character in Charles Dicken's Great Expectations and have wanted to photograph a model in costume. My opportunity came when I discovered the dress worn by Jane Asher as Miss Havisham in the West Yorkshire Playhouse stage production of Great Expectations so I wasted no time in hiring the dress and casting for a model. In the end I booked 2 models to wear the dress, Sadie Rose Speight who would portray Miss Havisham before she grew old and Celine Tait (Lestrangemergoth) who gave me an alternative gothic look to the Dicken's character. The makeup artist Sabrina Tait did a fantastic job as always.
We shot in a working church, next to my studio, as the setting of Miss Havisham's jilting.
I managed to get some very atmospheric natural light images in the church, the images of Celine Tait cannot be shown yet as they are to be published in Gothesque magazine in July, in the meantime here are some of the images of Sadie.

The Sisters Shoot
12th April 2017
Photoshoot in Wheelock, Cheshire.
Report to follow soon.
Papplewick Pumping Station Shoot, Nottingham
18th January 2017
Can't wait for Photoshoot in 4 weeks at a Victorian water pumping station in Nottingham with a new model, makeup artist and a great dress. Report and images to follow.

Well the 4 weeks have flown by and we did the shoot last Friday the 17th February, it was good to get out of the studio on location and meet other photographers, models and makeup artists at this group shoot organised by Studio Antics World.
The pumping station supplied the local area with water in Victorian times, the budget was £50,000 and they only spent £49,000 so they 'went to town' and embellished the interior with ornate wrought iron work on the columns which are topped with impressive herons, or are they griffins? Still lots of money left so they blew the lot and installed stained glass windows on a water fishy theme. The new team was model / actress Jasmine Sumner and hair and makeup artist Alison Goodwin. I sourced a stunning dress from a new young Belgium designer based on an elf theme but to me it looked a bit futuristic or Japanese. Having looked around the pumphouse I thought it was more suited to a steam pump shoot but the grounds around a circular lake were beautiful so most of our shots were done outside on a really good day for mid February. It was good to meet all the other teams all doing their own take on the pumphouse and grounds.
The day wasn't long enough and we over-run our 4pm finish by almost an hour but the caretaker didn't mind, I think he had a good day at work watching the models :)
I took over 100 shots and pleased that almost all were good quality, just a few dud ones, but a few winners. Really enjoyable shooting with the new team, Jasmine knows how to pull off some fantastic poses and Alison worked hard and produced not one but two stunning looks and helped with some of the poses as she has lots of experience of weddings, not that she is a serial bride, it's her job to do the bridal makeup !
As Jasmine said Alison was a 'Jack of all Trades' as she didn't mind holding up reflectors to stop the light at windows and lighting a small fire in the bushes to get some smoke in the shot, must get some smoke bombs next time. Thanks girls for some great images. See Jasmine Sumner portfolio.

Awarded Photographer of the Year 2016
14th January 2017
Just had a phone call from the awards dinner of the Society of Photographers at the London Hilton to advise me that I had won Photographer of the Year (Digital Art) for an image of mine titled 'Working Girl'.
Unfortunately I couldn't attend the awards dinner but great to get the award anyway.
The background was taken in Manhatten NYC and the silhouette is of my daughter, a model for me since birth!
Really please to receive the award as the Society is the fastest growing worldwide organisation for serious photographers and has over 30,000 members, mainly professional photographers.
What next ???

Working Girl
Puck the Faun Photoshoot
17th December 2016
I have worked on 3 shoots with Sabrina Tait a very capable hair and makeup artist who is studying for a hair and makeup qualification at college and she asked me to do some shots to help with her exam project.
The theme was Puck the Faun from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Sabrina found the location, a woodland scene at Pudsey Park's Visitor's Centre and I arranged to meet her there after her observed exam with her friend Puck.
I went early, set up my lights and went into the office to ask the attendant something while I was waiting for them to arrive, I opened the office door to leave and received a real fright when confronted with a little blue green man with horns,
Puck had arrived !
Sabrina had done a fantastic job creating Puck, we had a great shoot and came away with the images to help towards her qualification.
See gallery for images.

Pre Raphaelite Image
02nd October 2016
The planning has started on number 4 in my series of photoshoots to produce a panel of 20 beautiful images depicting 'Fashion Throughout the Ages'.
This is not going to be an easy one the Pre Raphaelite era which started about 1850 is in reality a style of painting rather than a form of dress and was a movement started by painters and poets who formed The Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood to promote the painting style practiced before the painter Raphael which they felt was more free flowing and romantic than the mechanical style of Raphael and those that followed him. The dresses painted were in the Medieval style.
The first 3 dresses I have used were hired from the West Yorkshire Playhouse but they do not have anything of this dress style in stock so will have to spread my net wider, could take a while, may have to start another 'age' alongside.

The Flapper Era - 1920's
31st August 2016
Back in the studio for the third age based on the 1920's Flapper era, a popular era with many people, including myself. Once again the dress was hired from the West Yorkshire Playhouse Costume Department, a treasure trove of costumes for amateur dramatics, photography and quality fancy dress hire, Caitlin the model also brought along an original Flapper dress given to her by her grandmother.
We managed to fit 2 different looks into the long day one a black theme and the second a green theme based on a green cap and original 1920's shrug (shoulder cape) kindly brought by hair and makeup artist Sabrina Lcc Tait. Green is an unusual makeup colour for a female portrait but combined with the cap and the shrug produced some special images.
See gallery for images.

Marie Antoinette Inspired Shoot
31st August 2016
As mentioned previously I have undertaken a project with the aim of creating 20 images based on the theme of Beauty Through the Ages.
The first age was Regency and the shoot was very successful, see gallery.
The second age is based on Marie Antoinette from the French Revolution era, we were lucky to be able shoot at a small hotel on the outskirts of Huddersfield which has an interior which is ideally suited to the period with some wonderful vintage French furniture, another enjoyable and rewarding day.
Thanks as always to model Caitlin Jade McCoy and hair and makeup artist Sabrina Lcc Tait.
See gallery for images.

Timeless Beauty - Regency Themed Photoshoot
03rd August 2016
As blogged recently I am arranging photoshoots with the aim of creating female portraits depicting beauty and fashion through the ages.
The first shoot was last Tuesday and was a great success thanks to model Caitlin Jade McCoy and MUA Sabrina Tait, a long hard day but very enjoyable and well worth the effort.
See gallery for images.
We go again next Tuesday with same team and a shoot influenced by Marie Antoinette, something I have wanted to do for a long time.

New Project - Timeless Beauty
11th July 2016
I have always admired portraits of beautiful women dressed in the fashion of the day whether they are paintings or more recent photographic representations. The eras I am particularly interested in are Pre Raphelite, Tudor, Boroque, Rococo, Revolution (Marie Antoinette) 1920's (Great Gatsby, Flappers) so I decided to embark on a project to demonstrate my interpretation of these wonderful times.
I will be working with a very creative makeup artist, Sabrina Tait and several talented models. I intend to produce 20 beautiful images which will possibly form the basis of my Associateship qualification with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, this is the next 'step up' the qualification ladder from the Licentiateship which was awarded to me last month, see previous blog.
First shoot 2nd August,2016 - Regency Ladies.
Licentiate Qualification Awarded by The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photograhers
25th June 2016
I got quite a surprise yesterday when the postman came, he delivered my licentiate qualification certificate from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, the fastest growing photography organisation in the World!
I joined the Society in February as I wanted to learn the correct way to take portraits and submitted 20 images for mentoring, the feed back I received was very encouraging and I was advised to submit 20 images to try for my licentiate membership.
I submitted the panel, see blog, about a week ago and didn't expect an answer for a month so an early answer was a welcome surprise.
Now inspired, I have started thinking about what subject I should tackle to gain my associate qualification with the society. My successful licentiate panel were all avant garde portraits but quite a mixed bag with no theme, to gain the associate qualification I need to show my own style with a consistent theme running through 20 balanced images demonstrating advanced photographic skills including lighting, camera skills, posing etc.
I may be some time !

Portrait Photography Mentoring
20th June 2016
Having become a member of the worldwide Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers earlier this year I decided to apply for mentoring in portrait photography and learn how it should be done by receiving critiques from industry professionals. I submitted 20 of my best images and received written feedback which was very favourable, so I decided to try for the Society's Licentiate qualification and submitted the same 20 images. The committee meet every month so I await with baited breath, fingers crossed, watch this space !
The submitted images can be seen in my Gallery: