24th May 2014

The lady in the wedding dress was part of the Whitby Festival and kindly agreed to pose for me at the entrance to a famous alleyway called Arguments Yard, I don't know if she intended to represent Miss Havisham from Great Expectations but that is certainly who she reminded me of.
On returning home I set about looking through my old images for a fitting room setting and found one of a panelled archway taken at Oakwell Hall in Birstall, West Yorkshire one Christmas, if was perfect for the theme plus I needed an opening for her to put her hand on as in the original alleyway image. The chandelier and table were from a Chatsworth House setting in Derbyshire. It was quite a long job to select the subject and add all the elements together, a lot of manipulation, including reducing the size of her hand (transpose) as it was too large and dominant, I finally applied a yellow tone to the image.In the end it has been worth it as I am pleased with the final outcome.