Myths and Legends Bodypainting Shoot

05th April 2015
Many photographers try to create imaginary characters and scenes in their images but yesterday I was introduced to the world of body-painting where real and imaginary characters are painted on the models' bodies.
Millwood Studios in Stalybridge, Cheshire was the venue where unusually the models almost outnumbered the photographers. Painting started early for the 8 models with a 9am start, this is far from a quick process, the 9 photographers were asked to arrive at 3pm, the models were ready to photograph at 4pm and shooting finished at 9pm, a 12 hour day for the artists and models.
The photographers had it easy only working for 6 hours but no one had chance to stop as there was such a variety of myths and legends to photograph including a mermaid, a siren and a wood nymph.
A really enjoyable day in the company of an artistic and friendly group of people.