New Project - Timeless Beauty

11th July 2016
I have always admired portraits of beautiful women dressed in the fashion of the day whether they are paintings or more recent photographic representations. The eras I am particularly interested in are Pre Raphelite, Tudor, Boroque, Rococo, Revolution (Marie Antoinette) 1920's (Great Gatsby, Flappers) so I decided to embark on a project to demonstrate my interpretation of these wonderful times.
I will be working with a very creative makeup artist, Sabrina Tait and several talented models. I intend to produce 20 beautiful images which will possibly form the basis of my Associateship qualification with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, this is the next 'step up' the qualification ladder from the Licentiateship which was awarded to me last month, see previous blog.
First shoot 2nd August,2016 - Regency Ladies.