Photoshoot With Jess Wilcock

14th July 2013
Yesterday I did a photoshoot with a couple of friends from Lancashire, the model was Jess Wilcock from Manchester
The first half of the day was in the studio, where we used studio flash and then ambient lighting, the second half of the day was outside in an urban environment.
I am no expert with studio flash and my approach is very much trial and error, the problem with this approach is that it is difficult to see the results on the screen on the back of the camera so you can end up with a lot of shots with similar lighting which may not look good on the computer as they may have deep shadows under the eyes or on one side of the face, it is also difficult to take your time when it is a shared shoot.
Shooting outside also brings its problems as you cannot control the weather, on the day in question it was hot and sunny casting very contrasty shadows across the face but as there was some cloud, suddenly it was overcast.
Its all a good learning experience but it takes time to master, some of my better efforts are shown below.
A final big thankyou to Jess who put up with 6 hours of posing with not much of a break, a great model who is not only attractive, has a striking hair style and really knows how to pose and turn on 'the looks'.