Speedlite Workshop

20th May 2015
Last Sunday I attended a full day speedlite workshop at Millfield Studio in Stalybridge, Cheshire. Presented by Andrew Appleton the morning was classroom based and after lunch we put into practice what we should have learned in the morning!
Using our own cameras and speedlites (on camera) we shot Sharon our model outside under an overcast sky, firstly exposing for the background without flash then adding TTL (through the lens) flash which conveniently on my Canon 5d mk2 uses evaluative metering (not spot / average etc) and treats the speedlight as a fill light which is exactly what was required, reflectors were also used to soften the image.
Indoors we Shot Sharon positioned by a bright floor to ceiling window bouncing the speedlite off a wall to fill shadows. The final setup was in a fairly dark area of the studio using 2 Yongnuo cheap manual speed lights on stands (£31 each post paid on EBay, highly recommended by Andrew) as slaves triggered by our own speedlites on camera to light Sharon's hair, again using reflectors to soften the on-camera flash.
A great hard working day with lots of fun, I learned more in one day about using speedlites than in the last 10 years.
Many thanks to Andrew and our pleasant and very capable model Sharon.
Now busy buying the equipment to put my new skill into practice.
Highly reconmended.