Two Prints Accepted in the 2013 London Salon

05th May 2013
Really pleased that I have had 2 prints accepted in the 2013 London Salon.

I have tried about 4 times in 10 years to get an acceptance in the LS and failed, so really pleased to get 2 accepted apparently one image was in contention for a medal but narrowly missed out.
The LS exhibits 200 prints each year and the 80 members, most of whom are very well known photographers, can enter 2 prints each without them having to be selected, so it only leaves 40 for the rest of the world !
For anyone not familiar with the LS

"The aim of the London Salon is to exhibit only that class of photographic work in which there is distinct evidence of artistic feeling and execution"
The London Salon of Photography is a unique body of photographers, from worldwide membership, whose sole aim is to exhibit, annually, the very best of pictorial photographic imagery.
Membership of the Salon is by invitation only and the roots of this organisation go back to the year 1893 when it was formed as "The Linked Ring", becoming the London Salon in 1910 when the first London Salon Exhibition was held.
The Linked Ring members were heavily involved with a breakaway organisation from the Royal Photographic Society being concerned that the Royal Society placed its emphasis on the science of photography rather than the art.

Another off 'The Bucket List' :)

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