Whitby Goth Festival

28th April 2014
Went to the Whitby Goth Festival yesterday and whilst driving over the North Yorkshire Moors the fog came down as it quite often does on the Moors and the weather was quite fitting for the festival and Whitby with its association with Dracula. I left the fog behind on the Moors but when I arrived in Whitby it was raining which it did on and off all day. Already there were festival goers walking around the town in some amazing costumes, Goths, Steam Punks and others that didn't fit into any category. The streets were full of photographers also and when one photographer found a subject many others gathered round. I must have asked about ten festival goers if I could photograph them and not one refused, some may look a little intimidating but they are all very polite and obliging even when detained by a stream of photographers. This is my third visit to the festival over the last 15 years and whilst originally most of the participants were in their teens and twenties, today most are a lot older, some in their 60's / 70's with more diverse costumes rather than just gothic. The photographic subject matter is commonplace now but it was still a very enjoyable day and I came away with plenty of images and some not half bad.